• Section: General
  • Subject: Information Technology User Agreement
  • Applies to: Students, Faculty, and Staff


Using the informational technology resources of the University is a privilege and is provided to students, faculty, and staff to enhance teaching and learning and for class assignments, academic research, professional/personal advancement, and administrative and instructional support.

Informational technology resources include, but are not limited to: user accounts, email accounts, printing, and network and Internet access.

All data on the campus network, computers, and servers belong to Iowa Wesleyan University. To maintain the integrity of this data, network traffic will be monitored regularly. Any attempt to compromise the integrity of the data or any unacceptable use of technological resources could result in revocation of the user’s accounts and/or disciplinary and legal action. In the event of a criminal investigation, the institution will comply fully with legal authorities.

Users will be held accountable for their activities and should not engage in unacceptable user practices which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sharing log in ID and/or password
  • Accessing computer files not belonging to them
  • Viewing pornographic or offensive content
  • Sending harassing messages
  • Copying or transferring computer software which constitutes software piracy
  • Propagating a computer virus
  • Installing software that could compromise existing systems
  • Violating copyright laws
  • Installing any networking devices
  • Tampering with any network equipment
  • Using resources for commercial or financial gain
  • Using resources for any illegal purpose