English Minor

A minor in English at Iowa Wesleyan allows students to explore the best of old and new literacies while sharpening their reading, writing, and critical thinking skills—some of the most valuable in today’s job marketplace.  With classes that range from Imaginative Writing to Shakespeare to Sports and Literature, IW’s English offerings combine a solid grounding in the classics with new approaches to emerging fields of literature and inquiry, always with a strong emphasis on intensive reading and writing.  All classes in the minor will satisfy the institutional Writing Intensive requirement, while allowing students to deepen their historical and cultural understanding of a wide range of texts — from the classics of ancient and world literature to film masterpieces to the products of today’s digital culture.  We welcome students from all majors to sample English courses as electives, earn Writing Intensive credit, and consider building those into a minor.

This program will equip students to:

  • Recognize and connect historical and imaginative expressions and linkages among literary periods;
  • Demonstrate professional competence; and
  • Reflect meaningfully on their own work.

In addition to courses, the English Program offers opportunities for learning and creative activity outside the classroom through membership in Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society and contributing to Design, the annual literary arts magazine.

English Minor Course Requirements: 18 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:

  • ENG 201 Survey of Literature: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 206 Introduction to Poetry: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 311 Expository Writing (WI): 3 hrs.

Complete 3 courses from the following, for a minimum of 9 credits:

  • ENG 326 Environmental Literature: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 327 Reading Film as Literature: 4 hrs.
  • ENG 334 Masters of British Literature II: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 341 Masters of World Literature (WI): 3 hrs.
  • ENG 344 Media Ecology and the Humanities: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 349 Masters of American Literature I: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 350 Masters of American Literature II: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 352 Shakespeare: 3 hrs.
  • ENG 365 Masters of English Novel: 3 hrs.