The Iowa Wesleyan University Employee Handbook provides information concerning the University’s organizational structure and the employment policies the University has adopted to carry out its mission. The Employee Handbook should serve as a reference for all employees of the University. Policies outlined in the Employee Handbook apply to all faculty and staff employees unless otherwise indicated. Additional policies specific to academic and faculty issues may be found in the Iowa Wesleyan Faculty Handbook. If questions arise, Human Resources should be contacted for guidance.

Iowa Wesleyan University reserves the right to exercise customary management functions. These include, but are not limited to, the right to hire, promote, demote, suspend, dismiss, lay off, supervise and discipline employees; revise policies, procedures and other regulations; determine the size and compensation of the workforce; and assign work schedules and duties.
Iowa Wesleyan University reserves the right to interpret, change, alter, suspend and cancel any policy or practice without advance notice. The University will periodically update the Employee Handbook, but there will be times when policy will change before material in the Employee Handbook is revised.

Interpretation of the policies and procedures in this handbook is made by the Human Resources Director in conjunction with the President and members of the Cabinet. Nothing contained in this handbook should be construed as a contract or guarantee of continued employment. Nor is there a promise that all policies will be applied in all cases. In addition, nothing in this handbook creates rights for any third parties.