Imparting the tools necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s classrooms

Tomorrow’s educators must be ready to adapt quickly to a diverse array of challenges, from the personal to the technological. The successful teacher will learn to find solutions and impart knowledge, while shifting gears constantly from classroom manager one moment to social worker and role model the next. At Iowa Wesleyan, you will receive the type of well-rounded education necessary to wear the many hats that will be required of you. We realize teaching is a calling, and we elevate the educational experience to address the needs of those who are drawn to the profession. The curriculum is rich with practical experience and innovative strategies designed to enhance your unique talents as a future educator.

A major in elementary education prepares students to teach grades K-6.

Elementary education majors will demonstrate:

  • Commitment to students and their learning;
  • Knowledge of the content and how to teach the content, skills, and dispositions to students;
  • Responsibility for motivating, managing, and monitoring student learning;
  • Reflective thinking about their practice and their experiences; and
  • Interest in lifelong learning and participating in learning communities.

Elementary Education Major / Licensure

Prospective teachers seeking elementary licensure should plan, at least, a four-year program of study leading to an initial Iowa license. Every candidate must meet the College requirements for graduation. The courses listed on the attached Checksheet are required for State licensure as an elementary teacher and are mandatory for those graduating in 2015 and later.

Download Elementary Education Checksheet for required courses.

Elementary Education Checklist

Elementary Education 12 hr. Concentration

In addition to the required courses, each candidate for an elementary school teaching license shall complete a concentration of 12 credit hours or more in a single academic field approved by the Chair of the Teacher Education Program.

Becca Kokjohn: Elementary Education Major

“I went to a very small high school, so I didn’t want a large university. I didn’t want to sit in a large classroom and just blend in. At Iowa Wesleyan, all my teachers know me, and they know my goals. They are always there for me with the help and encouragement I need.”