Educational Foundations Major

A student interested in a career in education outside of classroom teaching may complete a program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree with an Educational Foundations major.

A student not seeking a teaching license may complete a program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree with an Educational Foundations Major. Courses required for this major are outlined in the checklist below. An internship must be completed for this major and approved by the Iowa Wesleyan Director of Career Services, Internships, and Service Learning and the Teacher Education Program Director of Educational Field Experiences. The Educational Foundations Major is recommended for candidates pursuing a career related to education that may or may not require an advanced degree.

Download Educational Foundations Checksheet for required courses

Educational Foundations Checklist

Some of the careers that are targeted by this major would be:

  • School Counselor
  • Speech Pathologist
  • Student Affairs
  • Hearing Specialist
  • Rehabilitation Counseling
  • Private Educational Agencies
  • School Psychologist
  • School Business Manager
  • School Social Worker
  • Educational Sales/Marketing
  • Community College Professor
  • Camp/Recreational Administration
  • College Professor
  • Religious Organization Youth Worker
  • Academic Advisor
Mary Hofmann: Educational Foundations Major

mary-hofmann“My degree in Education Foundations  prepared me for the work I do with Lutheran Services of Iowa within the  Early Childhood program called, The Nest of Louisa County. The classes to obtain my degree helped me understand how to effectively communicate and facilitate classes for parents to improve the health and safety of their families.  I am an educator but not in the traditional role of what most people would assume. Yes, I teach in a room but, my students are parents that want to enrich their parenting skills with the education that they receive from the program and myself. The Education Foundations degree was a perfect fit for my career to educate and advocate for families of my program.”