Ulysses Simpson SmithPresident Simpson served Iowa Wesleyan from 1919 to 1927. The Rev. Ulysses Simpson Smith was elected president on June 10, 1919. He had been honored with a D.D. in 1912 and was pastor of the First Church in Muscatine. He initiated an eight-year presidency of fundraising and the first decade of building construction since the Stafford efforts of the 1890s. Dr. Smith’s 1920 report to the Iowa Conference frankly recognized that the reputed endowment of $750,000 was largely mythical because of unpaid subscriptions, unproductive property, and annuities on which the college was still paying. A campaign for debt, buildings, and endowment was essential but it would be taken in steps. Because of the ill health of his wife, Dr. Smith presented his resignation on May 12, 1927.