J. Raymond ChadwickPresident Chadwick served Iowa Wesleyan from 1950 to 1961. A careful search for a new president led to the election of the Rev. John Raymond Chadwick to take office on January 1, 1950. Dr. Chadwick, a graduate of Ohio Wesleyan with a Ph.D. from Boston University and European study in Oxford and Berlin, was pastor at Appleton, Wisconsin. His reputation as an administrator was fully demonstrated in his twelve-year term of office. He was probably the greatest for his achievements in building construction, fundraising, and academic development as Iowa Wesleyan moved into the mainstream of American Education. Dr. Chadwick took up the Second Century Development campaign, emphasizing a new women’s dormitory, renovations on Hershey Hall, annual income, and endowments. On November 8, 1961, he died of a heart attack in the pursuit of college business in New York City. Serving longer than any previous president, he was the first to die in office.