Welcome to the Division of Science!

  • 100% of IW graduates will complete an internship within their area of interest
  • 100% of IW students will complete 4 service-learning courses – Iowa Wesleyan is nationally ranked for our commitment to service
  • 100% of IW students will complete 4 writing intensive courses – preparing our graduates for graduate school or career tracks
  • Strong female role models in STEM with biology, chemistry, psychology and math faculty members

Mission of the Division of Science

Within the mission of IW, the Division of Science strives to provide an educational process that empowers students to meet their potential. The Division accomplishes this through vigorous innovative teaching. The student is engaged in the mastery of the IW Life Skills through both personalized and community learning.

In addition, students will find that the science programs provide a solid foundation for graduate level education in the behavioral or professional sciences for those students who wish to continue their education beyond the bachelor degree.

Internship opportunities are included in each program and offer real life experiences in preparation for future careers.

Division of Science Majors:

Natural Science Programs

  • Biology with Concentrations
    • Biological Studies
    • Medical Sciences
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Veterinary Medicine
    • Chemistry
    • Medical Technology
    • Environmental Health
    • Natural Resource Conservation and Law Enforcement

Behavioral Science Programs

  • Criminal Justice
  • Psychology
  • Human Services

Andrew Terrell ’16 | Pre-Med Major

“At IW, you have the full attention of your professors – versus a larger school where you might have 100 students in your class. Here, in classrooms, in labs, our instructors work individually with each student, making for a better academic experience.”