Digital Media Design Major

Discovering Your Passion in Art at Iowa Wesleyan University is more than attending a comprehensive university; it is a commitment to something greater– You!

The Digital Media Design major focuses coursework in interactive media, multimedia design, photography, video and sound with work in web programming and publication design. These areas are supported by coursework in studio art and art history. Business courses are integrated into the curriculum plan and further reflect the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of the major. A minor Digital Media Design is available as is a minor in Studio Art. The Digital Media Design major is a rigorous program that integrates a common body of knowledge from Studio Art and Art History with digital media courses.

Students will:

  • Understand visual principles of design and apply them in a variety of media across disciplines of 2-D and 3-D.
  • Incorporate these core concepts as they relate to the visual, sound, spatial and temporal elements of Digital.
Iowa Wesleyan gave me the opportunity to learn in a way that suits me, with small class sizes and well structure course guides. I was set up for success. The professors genuinely cared about my success and happiness. I couldn’t imagine getting a higher caliber education, with the class sizes I needed anywhere else. Mikayla, Class of 2015

Digital Media Design Major Requirements: 47 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:
ART 215 Painting I 3 hrs.
ART 219 Drawing I 3 hrs.
DMD 109 Survey of Multimedia 3 hrs.
DMD 201 Foundations of Studio/Design 3 hrs.
DMD 204 Graphic Layout and Design 3 hrs.
DMD 207 Photography I 3 hrs.
DMD 260 Basic Video and Audio 3 hrs.
DMD 309 Multimedia Development (Gaming) 3 hrs.
DMD 310 Digital Illustration 3 hrs.
DMD 321 Web Design and Programming 3 hrs.
DMD 341 Video and Audio Post-Production 3 hrs.
DMD 369 Interactive Media 3 hrs.
ART 381 History of Art I or ART 382 History of Art II 3 hrs.
ART 499 A Senior Seminar I 1 hrs.
ART 499 B Senior Seminar II 1 hrs.
ART 498 Internship or ART 440 and ART 441 Career Applications 6 hrs.