Digital Media Design Major

The Digital Media Design major focuses coursework in interactive media, game design, video and sound with work in web programming and publication design. These areas are supported by coursework in studio art and art history. Business courses are integrated into the curriculum plan and further reflect the diverse and interdisciplinary nature of the major. A minor Digital Media Design is available as is a minor in Studio Art.

The Digital Media Design major is a rigorous program that integrates a common body of knowledge from Studio Art and Art History with digital media courses.

Students will:

  • Understand visual principles of design and apply them in a variety of media across disciplines of 2-D and 3-D.
  • Incorporate these core concepts as they relate to the visual, sound, spatial and temporal elements of Digital Media Design
  • Present work that demonstrates a synthesis of the collaborative nature of Digital Media design including:
  • an understanding and appropriate mastery of software and hardware
  • an ability to analyze and plan projects
  • Incorporate a variety of disciplines with a knowledge of Art History in order to analyze and evaluate projects critically demonstrate in
  • writing, spoken and in presentations
  • and digital projects

Digital Media Design Minors

DMD 109 Survey of Multimedia 3 hrs.
DMD 201 Foundations of Studio/Design 3 hrs.
DMD 204 Graphic Layout and Design 3 hrs.
DMD 207 Photography I 3 hrs.
DMD 369 Interactive Media 3 hrs.
AND Choice of one from the following:
DMD 310 Digital Illustration 3 hrs.
DMD 309 Multimedia Development (Gaming) 3 hrs.
DMD 369 Interactive Media 3 hrs.