Students in the Developmental Psychology concentration will examine behavioral, psychological, and social problems across the lifespan. This concentration also focuses on applying theory both in the classroom and in service.

A degree in Developmental Psychology can launch students into entry level career paths such as:

  • Public Health Care
  • Behavioral Therapist
  • Public Education Employment
  • Psychiatric Technician

Salary for a graduates with a degree in Developmental Psychology ranges from: $44,000 – $89,000.

Developmental Psychology Major Concentration Requirements:


  • PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology I:
  • Conception through Adolescence
  • PSYC 351 Developmental Psychology II:
  • Emerging Adulthood and Aging
  • EDUC 301 Education of Exceptional Persons

Group A – Choose one of the following:

  • PSYC 324 Child Psychopathology
  • PSYC 361 Abnormal Psychology

Group B – Choose one of the following:

  • PSYC 367 Cognitive Psychology
  • PSYC 382 Biopsychology

Group C – Choose one of the following:

  • PSYC 247 Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • PSYC 374 Psychology of Gender

Group D – Choose one of the following:

  • PSYC/SOC 205 The Family
  • SPED 306 Collaboration and the Family


  • PSYC Elective

Electives may not be support courses, divisional courses or courses used for another major or minor.

Recommended Courses

  • BIO 241 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 242 Anatomy and Physiology II
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Meet The Professors

Nathan Hough

Science Division Chair and Assistant Professor of Psychology
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Cyndi Walljasper

Professor of Psychology
Science Hall; Room 107

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