Students in the counseling concentration engage in courses that focus on how people function, personally and interpersonally. They will also learn how to address mental health issues as well as issues in domains such as emotional, social, school, and work through the science of psychology. These courses prepare the student for entry level positions or going on to earn a graduate degree.

A degree in Counseling can launch students into entry level career paths such as:

  • Premarital counseling
  • Evaluating a child for behavioral disorders, like ADHD
  • Treating anxiety or depression with individual therapy

Students who continue their education after completing their undergraduate degree may: 

  • Counseling and clinical psychologists working in a variety of settings, such as hospitals and clinics, schools, prisons, and counseling centers. Some do research or teach in university settings.
  • Mental Health Specialist
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Level 2 Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling

Salary for graduates with a degree in counseling psychology ranges from: $53,359 – $75, 957.

Counseling Psychology Major Concentration Requirements:


  • PSYC 258 Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • PSYC 326 Introduction to Counseling
  • PSYC 327 Group Counseling
  • PSYC 367 Cognitive Psychology

Group A- Choose one of the following:

  • PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology I:
  • Conception through Adolescence
  • PSYC 351 Developmental Psychology II:
  • Emerging Adulthood and Aging

Group B- Choose two of the following:

  • PSYC 209 Social Psychology
  • PSYC 240 Theories of Personality
  • PSYC 247 Psychology of Human Sexuality
  • PSYC 310 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
  • PSYC 336 Motivation and Emotion
  • PSYC 337 Motivation in Sport and Exercise
  • PSYC 365 Psychology of Addiction
  • PSYC 372 Positive Psychology
  • PSYC 374 Psychology of Gender
  • PSYC 382 Biopsychology

Group C – Choose one of the following:

  • PSYC 324 Child Psychopathology
  • PSYC 361 Abnormal Psychology

Recommended Courses

  • BIO 241 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 242 Anatomy and Physiology II

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