Co-Curricular Record Activity & Experience Tracker

Co-curricular experiences and opportunities enhance classroom learning and are influential in developing the whole person.  At Iowa Wesleyan University, as our mission states, we believe strongly in educating, empowering, and inspiring students to lead meaningful lives and careers. In order to do that, students must continue to grow in all facets of their lives and involvement in the co-curricular allows for that growth and development to thrive.

The Office of Student Development has the wonderful responsibility to continue providing engaging experiences that allow students to discover themselves, others, and the broader world. To maximize those experiences and to align with the mission of Iowa Wesleyan University, the ability for students to generate a portfolio of opportunities and experiences beyond the classroom is a true VALUE ADD.

Tracking and logging co-curricular experiences afford students:

  • Official University Record of Co-Curricular Engagement
  • Assistance in Resume Building
  • Talking Points and Tools for Interviewing
  • Portfolio of Engagement

What are co-curricular experiences and engagement?

IW defines the Co-curricular as non-credit bearing experiences.

Students can TRACK and Log Involvement:

  • Athletics Clubs and Organizations
  • Greek Life
  • Volunteer Community Service
  • Conference Attendance
  • University Committee Work
  • Jobs on Campus
  • Performing Arts (not for credit)
  • Personal Awards & Honors
  • Association Membership

Maximize your personal growth and development as well as your professional marketability by formalizing and legitimizing your out-of-the-classroom education.


Log your Co-Curricular experiences and activities by completing the Tracking Log below.

Co-Curricular Log

Student Development staff will verify and validate experiences each semester. Entries in question will be reviewed and unverifiable entries will not be recognized by the University.

This is an opt-in program and tracking entries is the responsibility of each individual student. Timely logging is critical to ensure an accurate and reflective co-curricular record. It is strongly recommended to log your experiences each semester to ensure the Student Development staff’s ability to validate your entries. Entering experiences from previous semesters aren’t best practice as experiences may not be traceable which then disallows those entries from being part of your official record. Reminders to log your co-curricular experiences and involvement will be delivered each semester to your Iowa Wesleyan University email.         

Upon Graduation

Students will receive an official Co-Curricular Record similar to an academic transcript.