American Choral Directors Association

American Choral Directors Association

  • The purposes of this organization shall be those as set forth in the National Constitution of the American Choral Directors Association, and are state as follows:
  • To foster and promote choral singing which will provide artistic and spirited experiences for the participants.
  • To foster and promote the finest types of choral music to make these experiences possible.
  • To foster and encourage rehearsal procedures conducive to attaining the highest level possible in musicianship and artistic performance.
  • To foster and promote the organization and development of choral groups of all types in schools, colleges, and churches.
  • To foster and promote the organization and development of choral groups of all types in schools, colleges, and churches.
  • To foster and promote the organization and development of choral societies in cities and communities.
  • To foster and promote the intelligent understanding of choral music as an important medium of artistic expression.
  • To foster and promote significant research in the field of choral music.
  • To foster and promote composition of superior quality in both music and text for all choral combinations.
  • To cooperate with all organizations dedicated to the development of musical culture in America.
  • To disseminate professional news and information about choral music.

Belong Information

Belong exists to provide opportunities for the student body to learn, study and discuss the Bible.  This includes worship, prayer, and group setting activities on and off the University campus. Belong provides opportunities for fellowship, encouragement, and spiritual development.

We seek and desire to be a resource to the students of IWU by offering opportunities to discuss spiritual matters and provide material in the form of outside speakers, videos, books, articles, and resources for their benefit and consideration.

Belong Bylaws >>

Contact information:

Advisor: Hannah Guck, email:

Student leader: Victoria Morris, email:

Beta Beta Beta

Beta Beta Beta

The Purpose of Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society shall be to function as an honor and professional society for students of the biological sciences. Its activities shall be designed to stimulate interest, scholarly attainment, and investigation in the biological sciences, and to promote the dissemination of information and new interpretations among students of the life sciences.

Officers/Contact Information

Advisor: D P Wilson,

President: Ellen Geiselman-

Black Prodigy Step Team

Black Prodigy Step Team Information

By bringing stepping to Iowa Wesleyan University students have another way to express their emotions and have a free expressive environment they can call home, so they can demonstrate their student pride. The Step Team will promote and appreciate diversity with includes having a team within all nationalities.

President- Trinity Hudson,
Advisor- Stephanie Stubbs,



The purpose of the Iowa Wesleyan Cheerleading is to promote and uphold school spirit, develop a sense of good sportsmanship among students, and develop as leaders. The squad cheers for the home football games as well as men’s and women’s home basketball games. As a club sport, membership fosters skills in commitment, accountability, teamwork, and leadership while allowing participants to make life-long friendships and make a lasting, significant impact on Tiger Athletics. As ambassadors for the university, cheerleaders participate in public relation events as well as university functions.

Register For Cheerleading Tryouts
Cheerleading Constitution and Agreement
Tryout Information
Assumption of Risk and Liability Form

Criminal Justice Club

Criminal Justice Club Information

The Criminal Justice Society is comprised of students with a shared interest in the field of Criminal Justice. The Criminal Justice Society was created to provide better insight into possible Criminal Justice career paths and to give students the ability to make connections with Criminal Justice professionals and agencies.

The Criminal Justice Society is one of the newest Iowa Wesleyan University and is open to all students. The Criminal Justice Society seeks to provide interesting events, employment opportunities, and valuable skills to students interested in the field of Criminal Justice such as Law Enforcement, forensics, Corrections, Law, and Criminology. The Criminal Justice Society was established to assist students with their academic and professional goals through network and skill building, while also assisting the community through community service.


Richard Buffington at



Cru is a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.

Cru is a Christ-centered movement on the campus of Iowa Wesleyan University. Open to believers and non-believers, we strive to have meaningful, relevant conversations about who God is and the impact He can have on our lives.

To get involved with Cru, look on our calendar found on, or contact the student leaders or Cru’s advisor using the information given below:

Student Leader: Lena Henriksen-

Staff Advisor: Asher Smale-

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

The Fellowship for Christian Athletes (FCA) is an organization dedicated to spiritual growth in students. Athletes and non-athletes can come and enjoy fellowship with one another as they also learn God’s plan for them on and off the field of competition. Student leaders and advisors dedicated to the development of the whole person will be a guide to students throughout the year.

FCA will bring in athletes from all backgrounds (MMA, baseball, volleyball, Etc.) to come and speak to our students about real world experiences that put their faith to the test. Speakers will include alumni, community members, and top athletes in their respected field. You will not want to miss any meetings!

To learn more about FCA or to find ways you can be involved please contact:




Purpose Statement: To provide information on different cultures, both Hispanic and non Hispanic. Fuse will be a safe space for Spanish speakers, and will also represent a growing population of Hispanic/Latino students at Iowa Wesleyan University.

Contact information:

President: Desiree Reyes-

Advisor: Luis Aranda-

Gay-Straight Alliance

Gay-Straight Alliance

The Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) Club provides a safe environment for students regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity. GSA’s goal is to create a platform to fight gender, racial, and LGBTQ economic justice. We want to educate our fellow Iowa Wesleyan University students and advocate for the LGBTQ community.

Club Meetings

Wednesdays, 6pm – 7pm in McCurdy Room (meeting room in the Howe).

Discussion Topics:

  • What brought you here
  • Identification
  • Comfort at IW
  • Healthy relationships
  • Overcoming social issues

Executive Board:

CO President:Oscar Martinez-
CO President: Irais Lopez-

Homecoming Committee

Homecoming Committee

Homecoming is a time of excitement at Iowa Wesleyan University. From Live Acts to Football games to crowning campus royalty you never know what the week will bring. The Homecoming Committee brings all the possibilities that week to life. They work directly with on campus staff and faculty to bring the best experience students can ask for. Being involved is easy and fun! Contact Committee Members below to sign up to help!

Committee Members:

Lion’s Club

Lion’s Club Information

Our purpose statement: We strive to serve through volunteering and community service.  As Lions, we are part of and have access to an international organization that seeks to help those in need, serve the community, and make the world the best it can be.  We often work with other organizations on campus to raise awareness for issues or to support a cause (such as Autism Speaks).  We also sponsor events on campus, such as Pool Tournaments.  This club provides students with the opportunity to get involved both on campus and in the local community.  Anyone seeking to serve their school and community is welcome to join.  As says the motto for the organization: We Serve.

President: Elijah Westercamp-
Advisor: Shaunna Wilkinson-
Music Education Chapter

Music Education Chapter

It is our desire to become members of the Music Educators National Conference, as a Collegiate Chapter at IW and to enjoy its associations to MENC and IMEA, to share its responsibilities, to increase our interest and knowledge in all areas of music education.

It shall be the purpose of this organization to:

  • Make available to members for the purpose of offering opportunities for professional development.
  • Acquaint students with the privileges and responsibilities of the music education profession.
  • Provide for its member opportunities to become acquainted with leaders in the music education profession as gained from participation in programs and demonstrations, discussions, and performing groups planned by this chapter.
  • Assist the music department in various projects throughout the year.
  • Provide opportunities for contacts with MENC student members of other schools.

Officers/Contact Information

President: Rachel Hymes  (
Vice President: Josh Morey (
Secretary: Dakota Howard (
Treasurer: Johnny Olson ( )
Advisor: David A. Johnson (

Orientation Crew

Orientation Crew

Orientation Crew (O Crew) sole purpose is to welcome new students and families to Iowa Wesleyan University. The O Crew is made up of students from sophomore year and up. These students set the tone for our incoming students that shows what it is really like to be a Tiger! Joining this crew means that you know what it takes to be a Tiger and you want to share that experience with new students!

O Crew helps welcomes new students during the summer and fall months. Applications to join O Crew will be announced closer to the end of the spring semester.

Additional Questions? Contact: Luis Aranda-

Pre-Law Club

Pre-Law Club Information

The purpose of the Pre-Law Club is to bring together all students interested in the legal field and law school. The Pre-Law at Iowa Wesleyan University brings together students with an interest in law school through guest speakers, law school programs, and a variety of other events. Students will learn more about applying to law school and becoming a lawyer. The Pre-Law Club will provide students with assistance in the law school process and a way for interested students to form LSAT study groups, connect with peers, and discuss law school opportunities.

Contacts: President- Jess Andries,
Advisor Richard Buffington,

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors

The Iowa Wesleyan Student Ambassadors was established to assemble the volunteer support of Iowa Wesleyan students to promote Wesleyan’s image to prospective students, alumni, and friends. The Student Ambassador’s sole purpose is to assist the Office of Admissions in spreading of the true meaning of the legacy, passion of excellence, and the Tiger experience in which Iowa Wesleyan University provides for all students.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The purpose of SAAC is for select student-athletes from each sport to have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas on how to improve IW athletics; host fun and engaging events relevant to the student-athlete experience; increase fan support at athletic contests; voice input on proposed NCAA legislation; and support the campus and community through community outreach efforts, with a primary focus on the NCAA Division III SAAC and Special Olympics partnership.

IW SAAC Handbook

Staff Advisor:

Assistant Athletic Director/Head Volleyball Coach:  BJ Wagy

What we do:

SAAC Homecoming Fundraiser

Tiger Spirit Night

Polar Plunges

SLIAC Canned Food Drive

Special Olympics Spring Games 

Helpful Links:

Division III Home


Division III Week

Special Olympics Partnership

National Student-Athlete Day

National Student-Athlete Day Awards

National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Southeast Iowa Area Special Olympics

Student Government Association

Student Government Association

Student Government Association coordinates the interests and activities of the student body and shares in the responsibilities of university governance as it directly affects student life. Each student organization, as a requirement of recognition, must have a representative present at all open SGA meetings. Each full-time student becomes a member of Iowa Wesleyan University student government upon registration.



For information on Student Government Association, contact the Office of Student Development at 319-385-6256.   Constitution of the Student Government Student Government By-Laws

Student Nurses Association

Student Nurses Association

To assume responsibility for contributing to nursing education in order to provide of the highest quality of health care; to provide programs representative of fundamental and current professional interests and concerns; to aid in the development of the whole person, his/her professional role, and his/her responsibility for the health care of people in all walks of life.

Officers/Contact Information

Advisor: Lisa Kongable – 

Student Union Board

Student Union Board

Student Union Board (SUB) is a student run organization whose mission is to bring entertainment and engagement to the students of Iowa Wesleyan University. We host a wide variety of events ranging from live acts that include hypnotists, improv groups, and magicians to bingo night where students have the opportunity win prizes to bubble soccer and dodgeball tournaments among many others.

We are always finding new and improved events and acts to liven up campus while having a blast doing so. SUB is a great way to get involved in an awesome group while meeting many amazing people along the way! If bringing fun and excitement to campus sounds like something you would be interested in, SUB is the organization for you!

Advisor: Luis Aranda –

President: Pedro Palomo –

Tiger Dance Club

Tiger Dance Club Information

After coming to Iowa Wesleyan and seeing all the things they offer I thought to myself thinking, this is a great school. I started to enjoy a month at Iowa Wesleyan, but I knew something was missing about me. I was getting homesick calling my mom everyday saying I just want to come home to my family and all she would say is, “do something that keeps you busy, you can’t come home”. Me and my friends would dance in my room but it was never nothing serious. Therefore, one day we were dancing and I say let’s start a dance club, they thought I was joking at first, they started laughing and I said ok watch. I went to the student development office and I received so many papers and I started to give up. Weeks after receiving those papers I got them done.

My purpose of creating this dance club is because dancing is something I really enjoy doing. I started dancing in 7th grade at McKay elementary school and continued since than. Bringing a dance club to Iowa was great because it’s a way to open up different personalities and learn different dances. This dance club really means a lot to me and is something I would want to continue until I graduate, and even when I graduate I would want others to continue to dance.

Student Organization Requirements

Iowa Wesleyan wants all students to live out their passions. Start a new organization! All new student organization should fill out a New Student Organization Form and turn into the Student Government Office or Student Development Office.

Once an established organization, groups are encouraged to attend monthly Student Government (SGA) meetings. Groups are eligible to request funds, room rentals, and marketing promotions through SGA.

Student Organization Forms