Christian Studies Major

Discovering Your Passion in Christian Studies at Iowa Wesleyan University is more than attending a comprehensive four year university; it is a commitment to something greater– You!

Majoring in Christian Studies provides students with a broad understanding of the phenomenon of religion with a particular emphasis on Christianity. Courses include studies in the origin, development and shape of modern Christianity, theories of religion and studies in world religion and philosophy.

Christian Studies majors will:

  • Understand and interpret diverse religious traditions in historical and cultural contexts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the Biblical text and the ability to utilize appropriate scholarly tools and methods to interpret it.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the historical and theological foundations of Christianity.
  • Articulate and critique their own ethical values and utilize moral reasoning skills to analyze issues of societal concern.

Iowa Wesleyan gave me the opportunity to learn in a way that suits me, with small class sizes and well structure course guides. I was set up for success. The professors genuinely cared about my success and happiness. I couldn’t imagine getting a higher caliber education, with the class sizes I needed anywhere else. Mikayla, Class of 2015

Christian Studies Core Requirements: 36 Total Credit Hours

Complete all of the following:
REL 150 World Religions 3 hrs.
REL 201 Introduction to Hebrew Bible 3 hrs.
REL 202 Introduction to New Testament 3 hrs.
REL 302 Church History 3 hrs.
REL 304 Contemporary Theology 3 hrs.
REL 499 Senior Seminar in Religion 3 hrs.
PHIL 201 Introduction to Philosophy 3 hrs.
PHIL 215 Ethics: Life and Career 3 hrs.
PHIL 306 Philosophy of Religion 3 hrs.
Religion Elective 3 hrs.
Field Experience 6 hrs.
Required Support Courses 6 hrs.
Complete all of the following:
Two Semesters of Language 6 hrs.