Biology Major With Chemistry Concentration

Concentration in Chemistry

This concentration prepares students for careers in pharmacy, food science, quality assurance, and other lab fields.

BIO 241 or 242 Human Anatomy & Physiology I and II 4 hrs.
(Both courses are required)
BIO 360 Cell and Molecular Biology 4 hrs.
CHEM 271 Quantitative Analysis 4 hrs.
CHEM 355 Organic Chemistry I 4 hrs.
CHEM 356 Organic Chemistry II 4 hrs.
CHEM 386 Biochemistry 4 hrs.
PHYS 210 General Physics I 4 hrs.
MATH 231 Calculus I 4 hrs.

Total 32 hrs.

Chemistry Minor

A Chemistry minor consists of a minimum of 16 hours in chemistry including Principles of Chemistry I and II (CHEM 175, 176). The courses CHEM 271 Analytical Chemistry, and CHEM 355, 357 Organic Chemistry I and II are especially recommended.