Sign up for Graduation with your Fellow Senior Classmates:

Do you enjoy photo booths? Do you need to sign up for graduation? Do you love Wing Wednesday’s?

WHEN: To be announced
WHERE: In Howe Student Center, right outside the cafeteria
WHY: To support students gaining credits towards graduation and to have seniors sign up for graduation.

  • The lunch menu will have a new “signature” sauce to support the “Celebration of Credits” day.
  • A photo booth will be set up to promote “Celebration of Credits”.
  • A table will be set up for any senior student to sign up for graduation with the NEW graduation process. The registrar will be there to help sign up students.
  • A free prize will be given out to all students you have move up from a freshmen to a sophomore, sophomore to a junior, and a junior to a senior from last year. These prizes will be designed by IW art students.
Student graduation photo
Student graduation image
Student graduation image