Iowa Wesleyan is a university of the church, proudly related to the United Methodist Church where Christian values are honored and all are welcome.

Mount Pleasant and Southeast Iowa are extremely welcoming of our students from many religious backgrounds, both Christian and non-Christian. The First United Methodist Church in Mount Pleasant is an active partner with the University and assists with spiritual life offerings. Students from all faith backgrounds are members of numerous congregations both in Mount Pleasant and the surrounding communities.

Campus Ministry and service projects are the hubs of faith opportunities for the Iowa Wesleyan community. Service Learning is a signature co-curricular program that carries with it academic credit. A variety of faith-based and spiritual programs and services are offered which include:

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    Monthly Chapel Service

    Join students, staff, and faculty for a time of worship in the University Chapel.

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    Student led campus bibles studies

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    Fellowship of Christian Athletes

    FCA affords students and student-athletes the opportunity to intentionally grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. FCA meets weekly and is a growing student-organization. The organization is committed to service to others as well as impacting the IW campus for Christ.

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    See You At The Pole

    Early morning reflection opportunity at the campus flag pole.

Learning Outcomes - What to Expect

  • Students will be able to demonstrate the mechanisms for spiritual formation through the employment of spiritual disciplines.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate an understanding of compassion and social justice through individual and corporate service to neighbors; individual, local community, the nation, and internationally.
  • Students will be able to demonstrate that corporate worship is central to the realization that religion is a social activity, performed in the community.