The Student Development Office at Iowa Wesleyan University is a service-oriented area of the institution designed to assist and challenge students to maximize their potential. The services, programs and relationships offered in Student Development are precisely why students choose an institution like this one. Student Development often is the area of the institution where lasting memories of college are made for many students. This occurs through student participation in clubs or organizations, Greek Life, student activities such as attending music concerts or playing intramural sports, and the numerous opportunities that allow people to make lifelong friends. These programs and activities students attend and participate in are designed to help them find their passions and to aid them in their personal growth and development.

At Iowa Wesleyan University, community is a cornerstone. Student Development aims to provide students with engaging opportunities to connect with fellow students, faculty and staff.

The departments and primary programs within Student Development include Residential Life, Career Development and Internships, Student Activities, Clubs/Organizations, Student Government Association, Campus Nurse, Service Learning, Intramural, Greek Life, Campus Ministry, International Student Programs, Counseling Services, Safety and Security, Title IX Services, and Student Conduct.

Iowa Wesleyan is a residential campus which means students live in University owned and operated residence halls directly on campus property for the duration of their time at IW. This allows them to be extremely engaged and connected to University resources such as the OASIS (Office of Academic Support and Inclusive Services) and the Chadwick Library. Living on campus provides easy access to student activities, intercollegiate sporting events, and classrooms. As a residential campus, commuting time to and from campus is virtually non-existent. Students living on campus also dine in community in Wesley’s Diner located in the Student Union.

Student Development Mission

In support of the University’s mission, Student Development offers intentional opportunities for students to engage in which compliments their academic endeavors and assists in their personal growth and development.

Student Development Learning Outcomes    

Personal Development:  Students who participate in activities and opportunities will improve personal awareness and identity, establishes a clearer, positive self-image, and reinforces one’s understanding of personal character.

Interpersonal Skills: Students who participate in student development programs will create strong and healthy relationships with others.

Civic and Social Responsibility:  Students who participate in student development programs will develop a sense of “community” understanding and will associate particular actions and attitudes with social participation.

Life Skills: Students who engage in student development programs will acquire skills to lead meaningful lives and careers.