The Business Administration degree at Iowa Wesleyan University will give you the tools to excel as a leader, decision maker, and problem solver. You’ll learn best practices on the many sides of business administration, including finance, marketing, business operations, and creating effective business policies. We provide a well-rounded, business-oriented program in which students may achieve skills consistent with the Iowa Wesleyan University philosophies of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills, and civic engagement. Our courses are tailored for professional looking to take on more responsibility in higher-level positions, or for students who are new to the business world, but eager to move up quickly.

The Mission of the Division of Business at Iowa Wesleyan University is to help students, through the study of business, become more aware of global issues, and to become better communicators critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and ethical decision-makers.

Business Administration Students Attending Iowa Wesleyan Will:

  1. Increase their written communication skills
  2. Increase their oral communication skills
  3. Increase their critical thinking skills
  4. Increase their problem-solving skills
  5. Increase their awareness of ethical decision-making
  6. Students will be prepared for a changing global environment
  7. Students will be able to demonstrate integrated skills in the theory and practice of core business discipline.