Music Business Program within the Business Administration Degree

The Business Administration Degree with a program in music provides students with an essential foundation in business and skills for either direct entry into the workplace or entrance to graduate programs in business. The primary objective of this major is to provide a well-rounded, business-oriented program in which students may achieve skills with the IW philosophies of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication skills, and civic engagement.

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Music Business Program Requirements:

Complete all of the following:

  • MUS 141 Music Fundamentals
  • MUS 142 Elementary Harmony
  • MUS 143 Aural Skills I
  • MUS 144 Aural Skills II
  • MUS 241 Advanced Harmony: Part Writing and Keyboard
  • MUS 243 Aural Skills III
  • MUS xxx Ensembles
  • MUS xxx Applied lessons
  • MUS xxx Instrument courses

Choose one (1) of the following:

  • MUS 353 History of Music
  • MUS 354 History or Music

Choose one (1) of the following:

  • MUS 357 Instrumental Conducting
  • MUS 358 Choral Conducting

Business Administration Requirements:

  • All concentrations are required to complete the core business requirements
Music Business

Career Opportunities in Music Business

  • Music Producer
  • Recording Engineer
  • Artist Manager
  • Tour Manager
  • Booking Agent

  • Music Publicist
  • Composer
  • Music Arrange
  • Composer
  • Music Arranger

Career Outcomes

2021 Median Pay
Music Director