A Biology concentration at Iowa Wesleyan University can lead you to your ideal career. Imagine the possibilities. Follow your passion at Iowa Wesleyan. Let the tiger in you go after your dreams.

A biology degree provides a foundation in the study of living organisms — a field that offers a variety of options for graduates. Careers in biology often require research, communication, teamwork, time management and computer skills. A biology major at Iowa Wesleyan combines scientific and research abilities with critical thinking and communication skills.

In addition to taking a comprehensive program of biology courses, biology majors have the opportunity to explore related fields such as chemistry, physics and mathematics. Graduates will have core scientific skills that can be used in a variety of ways, ranging from careers in education, industry or research to graduate study.

Biology with Pre-Professional Concentrations

  • Biological Studies
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Health
  • Medical Sciences
  • Medical Technology
  • Natural Resource Conservation & Enforcement
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Veterinary Medicine

Biology majors will learn to:

  • Describe the fundamental concepts of the biological sciences at an in-depth level.
  • Appreciate scientific literature.
  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge related to laboratory and field techniques.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with sophisticated, state-of-the-art instrumentation.
  • Perform scientific investigations and interpret scientific data.
  • Demonstrate scientific writing skills.
  • Relate problem-solving to scientific learning.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to biological questions.
  • Demonstrate preparation for entry and success in science-related post graduate training programs, graduate and professional schools, industry or teaching.
Biology Major

  • 100% of graduates will complete an internship within their area of interest
  • 100% of students will complete 4 service-learning courses – Iowa Wesleyan is nationally ranked for our commitment to service
  • 100% of students will complete 4 writing intensive courses – preparing graduates for graduate school or career tracks
  • Strong female role models in STEM with biology, chemistry, psychology and a new math faculty member

Biology Major Core

All biology majors will complete one concentration area in addition to the following core courses:

BIO 201 General Botany 4 hrs.
BIO 211 General Zoology 4 hrs.
BIO 241 or BIO 242 Anatomy & Physiology I or II 4 hrs.
BIO 302 Plant Morphology 4 hrs.
BIO 312 Animal Development and Diversity 4 hrs.
BIO 350 Microbiology 4 hrs.
BIO 355 Genetics 4 hrs.
BIO 499 A Biology Seminar I 1 hr.
BIO 499 B Biology Seminar II 1 hr.
Bio 498 Internship 6 hrs.

Total 36 hrs.

Required Support Courses:

CHEM 175: Principles of Chemistry I – 4 hrs.

CHEM 176: Principles of Chemistry II – 4 hrs.

MATH 171: Elementary Statistics – 4 hrs.

Total 12 hrs.

Biology Minor

A concentration of a minimum of 16 semester hours in biology including BIO 201 General Botany and BIO 211 General Zoology.

Video Testimonial

Christian Handrickson ’18 | Biology Major

“My experience at Iowa Wesleyan University has been one of immense growth in the two years that I have attended. As an on-campus student, my friends and I are surrounded by professors and administrators who encourage and remind us to step out of our comfort zones daily. It is through their influence and the influence of others that I have grown in my thought processes, communication, leadership, and confidence, to name a few! It’s at Iowa Wesleyan that you will find the small-town atmosphere of a University in which you’re not a number in a lecture hall, or one briefly mentioned as your walk down the aisle to receive your diploma. You are a student, a scholar, a Tiger, who will find excellent and caring professors, a vibrant campus community, and the ability to make an impression regardless of who are you, or where you’re from.”