On October 7, 2003, the Iowa Wesleyan University Athletic Hall of Fame was created to honor former student athletes, coaches, teams, or others who have significantly impacted or brought special recognition to Iowa Wesleyan University (IW).

Selection criteria for induction into the Athletic Hall of Fame are as follows:

Eligibility Requirements for Athletes

  1. Nominees must have been a full-time student at IW for at least two years.
  2. Nominees must have been a letter-winner who had significant impact or brought special recognition to IW in at least one varsity sport.
  3. Hall of Fame nominees are eligible ten (10) years after their last athletic competition.
  4. They must uphold IW’s reputation by being an upstanding citizen.
  5. Nominees must not have caused unfavorable publicity for the University or community at any point in time.
  6. Hall of Fame nominees may be posthumously bestowed.

Eligibility Requirements for Team of Distinction:

  1. Athletic performance and achievement as evidenced by exceptional accomplishments at or above the conference level including, but not limited to, advancement to regional or national competition, regional or national titles, school records, and undefeated seasons.
  2. Teams are eligible ten (10) years after the noteworthy season.
  3. Teams being nominated must not have caused unfavorable publicity for the University or community at any point in time.

Eligibility Requirements for Special Citations:

  1. Coaches and other individuals who have significantly impacted or promoted athletics at IW may also be considered for induction by the selection committee.
  2. Living nominees must no longer be employed by the University.
  3. Coaches/Administrators must have been employed by the University for a minimum of five (5) years.
  4. Individuals must have been an employee in good standing with the University and community during tenure.
  5. Individuals must not have caused unfavorable publicity for the University and community at any point in time.

***Criteria may be waived under extraordinary circumstances by vote of the selection committee***

Nomination procedures for the Athletic Hall of Fame are as follows:

Nomination Procedures:

  1. Nominations will be solicited in The Purple and White magazine, mailings, university website, and by word of mouth.
  2. Any alumni, employee, or friend of the University may make nominations.
  3. No individuals, or spouse of, may self-nominate although an individual may nominate a Team of Distinction of which they were a member.
  4. Nominations must be in writing; forms are available online or from the IW Alumni Office.
  5. No anonymous nominations will be allowed.
  6. Nominations must contain no more than one page of supporting data supplied by the nominee.
  7. Nominations may contain up to five letters of recommendations in support of the nominee from anyone other than the nominator or nominee. Letters of recommendation will be available to selection committee at-large upon request, but will not be considered as part of the application.
  8. Nominations should be submitted to the Alumni Relations Office, Iowa Wesleyan University, 601 North Main, Mt. Pleasant , IA 52641 by November 1 annually. Previous nominations may be considered for a period of five years along with current nominations.

Election of individual inductees and team honorees shall be made by a majority of the Athletic Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  Inductees will be recognized at the annual Athletic Banquet. A permanent recognition plaque will be placed in the Hall of Honor outside the Ruble Arena, and a smaller version will be presented to the inductee or surviving family member.

Nominate Someone Now

Hall Class of 2017

Robert Bogdonas ’53

Ryan Boese ’98

Allison Falls ’06

Hal Mumme

Amber Roets Thomas ’98

Hall Class of 2016

Harold “Tach” Tachleson ’81

Cathy Borch Frahm ’86

Don Grensing ’52

Hall Class of 2015

Bernita Rohlfing Keig ’53

Kenneth E. Sutten ’58 (posthumous)

Marcus N. Washington ’92

Flyod L. Turner ’08

Hall Class of 2004

Charles Espy, Sr. ‘32, LL.D. ‘66

Ray L. Patterson ‘34

Dorothy Welp Donahue ‘55

Janet Thompson Milner Weston ‘55

Barbara Johnson Bastow ‘58

Barbara A. Sipes ‘58

Sandra J. Fiete ‘59

Rita J. Horky ‘60

Glenda Nicholson Thielbert ‘61

Judith Hodson Finney ‘62

Dixie Ramsbottom Scherff ‘63

Lori Williams Wright ‘64, LL.D. ’91

Dianne Frieden Havens ’66

Peg Petersen Tyler ’67

Olan G. Ruble, Hon. ’74

Edd Bowers, Coach

Hall Class of 2013

Gerald “Jerry” Lange ’48

Stacy Ticknor Boudreau ’01

Hall Class of 2012

Fred Jacobeit ’50

Fred Parsons ’57

Hall Class of 2011

Jerry Courtney ’60

Don Lewis ’60

Mike Wiggins ’88

Hall Class of 2010

Ted Lawrence ’50

Philip A. Johnson ’60

David Mineart ’60

Hall Class of 2009

Daniel H. Kelly ’71

Hall Class of 2008

James I. “Jim” Rose, Sports Editor

Joseph O. “Joe” Thimm ’77

Edmund “Bud” Krieger ’41

Hall Class of 2007

Betty Sammons, Coach

1952 Football Team

1953 Football Team

Hall Class 2006

Dr. Harold C. “Hal” Huffman ’35

Dustin P. Dewald ’91

Hall Class of 2005

Sigurd E. “Sandy” Sandberg ’33

Vernon E. “Bud” McLearn ’55

Donald R. Gibbs ‘58

Dr. Douglas A. Ferguson ’68

Kirk R. Soukup ’84