Advanced Placement

The following advanced placement opportunities are available to all applicants for admission to Iowa Wesleyan University.

  • CEEB (College Entrance Examination Board) Special Advanced Placement tests are administered through local high schools. A student of superior ability and background may secure college credit on the basis of a rating of 3 on the CEEB Special Advanced Placement Test except for English credit which must be approved by the Division of Language and Literature.
  • CLEP (College Level Examination Program) subject matter tests are given at periodic intervals at various test centers throughout the country. CLEP is designed to provide opportunities for college-level credit to persons of varied backgrounds. Many people read widely; many receive on-the-job training; many watch educational programs on TV or take noncredit courses in continuing education programs offered by high schools, churches, clubs, etc. Many students who plan to pursue college careers do not have opportunities to take CEEB Special Advanced Placement tests through their local high school. The objective of CLEP is to help such people gain recognition in the form of college credit. The amount of credit for a particular test will be determined by the number of credit hours awarded by the Iowa Wesleyan University course(s) most analogous to the test(s) undertaken and on which the score is at the level to award credit as recommended by the Council on College-Level Examinations. A maximum of 30 credit hours may be earned in this manner; these hours may be applied toward the total hours required for graduation, or they may enable a student to undertake more work than would otherwise be possible. Students interested in undertaking the CLEP test(s) should critically evaluate their competence in the subject area(s) of interest to them. The examinations are not based on any one textbook but rather a composite of the many textbooks available for a particular subject. In the instance of high school students, consultation with the teachers under whom the student has taken the course(s) is recommended.
  • NURSING CREDIT—Iowa Wesleyan University participates in the Iowa Articulation Plan for progression of registered nurses towards the Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

For more information contact the Registrar at 319-385-6227 or by email at


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