Sheila Payne

Director of Accessibility
Chadwick Library; Upper Level, Room 306

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Disability Services

Our institution values diversity and inclusion; we are committed to a climate of mutual respect and full participation. Our goal is to create learning environments that are usable, equitable, inclusive, and welcoming. If there are aspects of the instruction or design of this course that result in barriers to your inclusion or accurate assessment or achievement, please notify me as soon as possible. Students with disabilities are also welcome to contact the disability service office to discuss a range of options to removing barriers in the course, including accommodations. The Disability Service Office is located in the Student Success Center on the upper level of the Chadwick Library, office 303.

Open Letter to Parents of Students with Disabilities About Going To College

Read an open letter written by Jane Jarrow, Founder and President of Disability Compliance in Career and Online Learning, and of Disability Access Information and Support.