Academic Advising and Services for Adult and Graduate Studies Students

The Office of Adult and Graduate Studies freely provides information and counseling for prospective, new and current students. Students may make appointments for individual advising at each program location.

Once a student is accepted as a degree candidate, an academic advisor may be assigned who has experience in the appropriate major. The Office of Adult and Graduate Studies will continue to provide academic advising to all AGS students.

All Iowa Wesleyan students, whether enrolled in on-campus, online or extended campus courses, are encouraged to make full use of on-campus services and technology resources. Parking stickers are not required for several lots on campus, but any AGS student desiring a sticker for a restricted lot may receive one free of charge by contacting the Physical Plant Office.

The entire Iowa Wesleyan University campus is “wi-fi” enabled, with access permitted via an IW Username/Password.

The John Wesley Holland Student Union includes the Student Life Office, the College Bookstore and a snack bar where students gather. There is also a lounge for students in Room 210 of the Science Hall.

The J. Raymond Chadwick Library provides research information and assistance, interlibrary loan services, computer lab, and a comfortable, quiet place to study. The OASIS is located on the top floor of Chadwick Library. The OASIS helps students strengthen specific skills–such as reading or note-taking–and coordinates a tutoring program. Adult and Graduate Studies students are invited to utilize its services. Evening appointments can be arranged by calling 319.385.6334. The Career Development Office is located on the top floor of the Student Union.

The Student Union houses the Office of Service-Learning & Civic Engagement, the Internship Office.

The Howe Student Activity Center contains three conference rooms, a technology-intensive classroom, a walking/jogging track and fitness room, in addition to indoor athletics facilities.

Administrative offices located in the P.E.O. Memorial Building includes the Registrar, the Academic Dean, and the President. The Office of Adult and Graduate Studies is on the main floor of the building.

Students will find the offices of Business Affairs, Student Accounts, and Financial Aid on the ground level of the Chapel Auditorium.

Honors Recognition for Adult and Graduate Studies Students

Honors recognition for Adult and Graduate Studies students is issued at the end of each academic year. In order to qualify for this honor, students must be classified as an Iowa Wesleyan University Adult and Graduate Studies student, while accumulating at least 15 semester hours of course-work completed through a full academic year and must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.50 or better.

Adult and Graduate Studies students carrying 12 credit hours or more during any given academic semester are eligible for Honors Recognition via the Dean’s List.