Iowa Wesleyan University is a Partner Institution of the University of Iowa Law School and is pleased to be participating in the 3 + 3 Program at the Law School.

3 + 3 Program

Iowa Law’s 3 + 3 Program allows eligible undergraduates at Iowa Wesleyan University to apply to law school in their junior year. Students admitted under the program fulfill their senior year of undergraduate credits through the successful completion of their first year law school courses, allowing them to graduate with both a bachelor’s and law degree in just six years, saving a year of tuition and related costs.


Pursuant to Iowa Law’s 3 + 3 policy, an applicant must be in his or her junior year at Iowa Wesleyan University.  Applicants must also meet Iowa Wesleyan’s criteria for eligibility. Iowa Wesleyan determines which majors and programs are eligible for participation. All majors, except for Elementary Education and Nursing, are granted by Iowa Wesleyan to be eligible for this program. See the outlined 3+3 plan below for criminal justice. For other outlined 3+3 plans, contact your registrar at

Application Requirements

In addition to being an eligible junior at Iowa Wesleyan, applicants must take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT), complete the law school application, and submit a certification of eligibility from their current schools. Applicants can request the certification form from Richard Buffington, Division of Science Chair and Director of the Criminal Justice Institute. 3 + 3 candidates are considered alongside Iowa Law’s regular pool of applicants.  Applicants to the 3 + 3 program are encouraged to take the LSAT in October or December and apply in January after their fall grades are available. However, later applications, including those from June LSAT-takers, will be considered.

Next Steps

Students at Iowa Wesleyan should talk to their school’s 3 + 3 advisor, Richard Buffington, Division of Science Chair and Director of the Criminal Justice Institute, to determine their eligibility. Contact Richard Buffington early in your college career to allow time to meet your school’s requirements. You should also learn more about Iowa Law by attending one of the Explore Iowa Law open houses, scheduling a personal visit, or attending a recruiting event. During your junior year, you will take the LSAT and submit your law school application along with the certificate of eligibility from Iowa Wesleyan.


Questions about the 3 + 3 program can be directed to IW’s 3 + 3 advisor, Richard Buffington or Dr. Brian Farrell at Iowa Law. You can also contact Iowa Law’s Admissions Office for general information or to schedule a visit.

3+3 Path with a Criminal Justice Major

First Year
ENG 109 College Research (WI 3 ENG 110 College Research (WI) 3
WS 100 Wesleyan Seminar (SL) 1 Quant/Science Wesleyan Studies 4
CJ 231 Intro to Criminal Justice 3 CJ 260 Criminal Law & Individual Rights 3
COMM 147 Public Speaking 3 REL/PHIL/HIST/ECN Wesleyan Studies 3
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology 3 PSYC 131 General Psych or PSYC 251 Dev. Psych 3
GOV 305 Current Issues in Government 3 MATH 171 Elementary Statistics 4
Creativity/Theory Pool Wesleyan Studies 3 CJ 307 Criminology 3
CJ Elective 3 CJ Elective 3
ENG 311 Expository Writing (WI) 3 CJ 316 Introduction to Corrections 3
Elective 3 Elective 3
CPR/First Aid 1 CJ 498 Internship 6
CJ 355 Law Enforcement 3 CJ 416 Crime and Punishment 3
WS 315 Social Justice and Service (SL) 3 CJ 347 Research Methods 3
REL/PHIL/HIST/ECN Wesleyan Studies 3 Creativity/Perf. Pool Wesleyan Studies 3
CJ 350 Constitutional Law 3

**If interested in different major for the 3+3 Program, please see contact the registrar at

First Year at Iowa University

Courses for first year students: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts and Sales Transactions, Criminal Law, Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning, Legal Analysis Writing and Research I &II, Property, Torts, Spring Elective (30 semester hours)

3 Plus 3 Checklist With Criminal Justice