Mansfield Symposium

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Arabella (Belle) Babb Mansfield graduated from Iowa Wesleyan University in 1866. The following year she began studying law with her brother at his law office in Mount Pleasant, and in 1869 Belle sat for the bar exam and became the first woman licensed to practice law in the United States. Belle never practiced law in the traditional sense. Instead, she enjoyed a long and successful career as an educator, public orator, world traveler, art historian and journalist.

The Belle Babb Mansfield Symposium pays homage to her legacy of achievement and the impact of women in Iowa Wesleyan’s past, present and future.

A special thanks to:

Honorary Co-Chairs
Christie Vilsack, L.H.D. ’99
Senior Advisor for International Education, USAID
Iowa Wesleyan Emerti Trustee
2015 Mansfield Award recipient

Waunita Hobbie ’46, L.H.D. ’92
Iowa Wesleyan Life Trustee
2015 Mansfield Award recipient

Lois Frels, Ph.D.
Iowa Wesleyan Nursing Program
2016 Mansfield Award recipient

Steering Committee
Mary Elgar ’75, Iowa Wesleyan Trustee
Holly Jones, Chair, Philanthropy Committee
Meg Richtman, Senior Vice President of University Advancement
Sara Titus, Chair, Symposium Committee
Margie Trousil, Assistant Professor and Chair, Division of Nursing
Ashlee Whipple, Chair, Public Relations & Communications Committee