Iowa Wesleyan College is firmly committed to the philosophy and practice of a residential college. We believe that the opportunity to live and study in community is a primary and essential element of such a philosophy. The College stresses a campus living environment of civil¬ity and respect that fosters student learning and success. To this end, all full-time unmarried students who do not live with parents at their primary residence within thirty miles of campus are required to live in college residential facilities. Exceptions to this rule may be made for students 23 years of age and older on the first day of classes in August, students living with dependent children, and military veter¬ans with at least two years active military duty. Exemptions are not automatic and requests for exemption should be submitted to the Director of Student Engagement.

Parent(s)/guardian(s) of the student requesting an exemption must certify that their student meets one of the above exemptions and is, therefore, eligible to reside off-campus. If the College discovers that the student is residing off-campus but does not meet one of the above exemptions, the College reserves the right to bill for room and board. Students living off- campus without exemption are also subject to a conduct hearing with College administrators.

Students who live off campus typically have a reduction in their financial aid by about 25%. Before making a decision to live off campus, students should talk with the Director of Financial Aid to determine how it could impact their aid package.

Class Credit Requirement

While college housing is normally restricted to full-time students, part-time students may request permission to live in College housing on a case-by-case basis.

Residency Age Limit

Students aged 23 and older are typically not allowed to reside in campus housing. Students over 23 who wish to reside on campus must permission by contacting the Office of Student Life.

International Student Residential Requirement

The experience of spending a semester or more in the United States is significantly enhanced by a full immersion in the campus experience. Therefore, it is IWC policy that all international students will live in our residence halls, where they will interact with American students and participate in many college activities, exposing them to the breadth of American culture and life. International students will be expected to live in the residence halls for their entire enrollment at IWC.