The Psychology major offers a traditional, basic program of courses in psychology, covering major content areas and preparing students for graduate training. A special emphasis of the program is on research and applied areas, such as mental health counseling, consistent with common student interests and current trends in the field.

Students completing the Psychology major will:

  • demonstrate understanding of the basic principles, theories, and techniques of psychology
  • demonstrate the ability to think critically about fundamental, enduring issues in the field of psychology
  • apply skills in oral and written communication
  • have firsthand job-related experience in an area of special interest in psychology
  • be prepared for graduate training in an APA accredited program.

The Psychology major provides excellent preparation for a number of careers in such areas social services, health care, government, business and teaching (in conjunction with the education major or an advanced degree). In addition, students wishing to continue their education at the graduate or professional level in the behavioral sciences will find that the Psychology major provides a solid foundation for both.

Internship opportunities are included in the major and offer real life experiences in preparation for future careers.


Josh Knight ’16

“I’ve become a better citizen and developed leadership skills.”