A major in physical education prepares students to teach grades K-8 and/or grades 5-12.

The Teacher Education Program provides students with basic knowledge, skills and dispositions of teaching and learning while encouraging each future teacher to develop his or her unique potential for effective, assessment driven teaching, respectful classroom management and use of technological communication.

All education majors have the opportunity for hands-on learning through multiple field experiences. As early as the first year, prospective teachers may become involved in teaching activities. Throughout the program students are provided opportunities to observe and/or participate in classroom practices.

Methods courses emphasize instructional planning, various teaching strategies, and current uses of technology. The culminating experience is student teaching and a professional portfolio presentation.

Physical Education majors will demonstrate:

  • Commitment to students and their learning;
  • Knowledge of the content and how to teach the content, skills, and dispositions to students;
  • Responsibility for motivating, managing, and monitoring student learning;
  • Reflective thinking about their practice and their experiences; and
  • Interest in lifelong learning and participating in learning communities.

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