A major in Human Service prepares students for careers a variety of helping professions. This degree gives students the skills to respond to changes in economy, the health care system, and society. The combination of course work offers solid grounding in the exploration of human and social problems and effective responsiveness in professional and personal settings.

Students completing the Human Services major will:

    • exhibit the ability to communicate clearly

demonstrate proficiency in skills necessary for creating, testing and evaluating hypotheses and evaluating research

  • perform successfully in a job-related field experience
  • demonstrate specific skills commonly used in counseling, and understand common issues typically faced by counselors
  • differentiate the major models of abnormal behavior and their implied methods of intervention
  • be able to identify basic principles of social organizations and major theories and ideologies in this respect
  • articulate major issues facing contemporary law enforcement

Josh Knight ’16

“Getting out of your comfort zone builds confidence. I’ve become a better citizen and developed leadership skills.”