Early Childhood Education majors will demonstrate:

  • Commitment to students and their learning;
  • Knowledge of the content and how to teach the content, skills, and dispositions to students;
  • Responsibility for motivating, managing, and monitoring student learning;
  • Reflective thinking about their practice and their experiences; and
  • Interest in lifelong learning and participating in learning communities.

Students seeking licensure in Early Childhood Education (preschool and kindergarten levels) must meet the following requirements for graduation.

ECE Core Courses
EDUC 110 Introduction to Teacher Education (1 hr.)
EDUC 261 Early Experience in the Schools (field experience) (1 hr.)
EDUC 262 Participation & Analysis in the Schools (1 hr.)
EDUC 263 Participation & Analysis in the Schools (1 hr.)
EDUC 268 Care & Development of the Preschool Child (3 hrs.)
EDUC 279 Introduction to Early Childhood Education (3 hrs.)
EDUC 294* Foundations of Education (2 hrs.)
EDUC 296* Educational Psychology (3 hrs.)
EDUC 301 Education of Exceptional Persons (3 hrs.)
EDUC 302 Classroom Management (2 hrs.)
EDUC 324 Primary Literacy Methods (3 hrs.)
EDUC 338 Children’s Literature (2 hrs.)
EDUC 355 Methods & Materials for Early Childhood Ed. (3 hrs.)
EDUC 357 Human Relations (2 hrs.)
EDUC 402 Seminar for Elementary Education Teachers (1 hr.)
EDUC 421 Preschool Practicum (6 hrs.)
EDUC 422 Kindergarten Practicum (6 hrs.)
EDUC 390 Elementary Specials Methods – Art, Music and Physical Education (3 hrs.)

*EDUC 294 and 296 must be taken prior to methods courses

ECE Support Courses
PSYC 251 Developmental Psychology (3 hrs.)
SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology (3 hrs.)
SOC 205 The Family (3 hrs.)
HLTH 300 Health and Nutrition (3 hrs.)
A course in humanities (Fine Arts, Philosophy, Language, Literature) (3 hrs.)
A course in U.S. history (3 hrs.)
A science course with laboratory (4 hrs.)
MATH 150 Fundamentals of Mathematics and Problem Solving (3 hrs.)

Early Childhood Education 12 hr. Concentration
In addition to the above courses, each candidate for an early childhood education major shall complete a concentration of 12 credit hours or more in a single academic field approved by the Chair of the Teacher Education Program.


Since graduating from the Early Childhood Education program in December, I have gone back to work at the preschool where I worked before taking a leave to student teach.
Renee Merydith
Early Childhood Education major